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About Yellow Lab

Social & Community Impact Assessment analysis provides a vital insight into whether your event or activity is making positive difference to the surrounding communities that your event is hosted in. These reports can also start to track the difference your events are having on the audience or participants, particularly around their mental health, confidence and self esteem.


This information allows event organisers to look at the holistic impact of an event and to evidence the difference your event has in a social context. In Yellow Lab’s experience, such insight is a vital ally in tackling the so-called perception of events “parachuting” into communities and leaving no legacy which has historically been a challenge for one off events. It also allows events that have a long history of operating in the same area to evidence the added value they bring to that community.


By understanding fully the social and community impacts of your event, you can:


  • Get informed information about the level of the wider positive impact that your event is having in the surrounding community. Allowing you to use this information when meeting with the licensing authority and local communities and when applying for licenses.  It also helps events to show you are taking your responsibilities seriously and how you are meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility targets.

  • Assess how much the event is benefiting the individuals who attend allowing you to potentially attract sponsors or funders who have an interest in promoting positive healthy lifestyles.

  • Enhance and complement your Economic Impact Assessment to show you are looking at your event holistically and also allowing you to evidence and measure against your organisation or businesses outcome indicators

  • Evidence of impact and outcomes that will support funding applications.

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